What Is Life Insurance and How Does It Work? (VIDEO)


Life insurance may be purchased for many reasons. Insurance is purchased to provide an income for your family when you die. Or, you may purchase a life insurance policy to assist with your children’s college education if you live by using a cash value policy.

You may use a life insurance policy to insure your business partner’s life so that if he dies, you can buy out his half of the business from his family. Continue reading “What Is Life Insurance and How Does It Work? (VIDEO)”

Why To Buy Travel Insurance?


Why should you get travel insurance for your trip anyway? This short video explains how Travelex Insurance Services provides travel protection and emergency travel assistance, which offers reimbursement for non-refundable expenses like airline tickets and cruise or resorts fees if you have to lose out because of an unexpected sickness, injury or other covered reason. Continue reading “Why To Buy Travel Insurance?”